Late last year, I had the opportunity to revamp my company’s product illustration style. It was a busy and exciting project that has finally seen the light. Usabilla’s CX analytics solution recently launched to all customers, and we are really proud to share the new illustrations.

The context and problem

Illustration is one of the strongest communication systems on the Product at the moment. From next steps, errors, and how to use certain features.

The existing illustration style was crafted beautifully and worked great in the early days of our new Product. However, it soon became undeveloped as we sped up our delivery of…

On the topic of Product Illustration, I’ll like to continue with some tips that hopefully can help you finding an unique style.

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What do I mean with unique style? You might be working for a company with a clear brand image. Their logo and colour palette have a clear image on your memory, but do any illustrations pop-in?

Illustration, good illustration, leaves a mark on people’s perception and experience with a brand and its product. Making this happen is not an accident or just being talented at Illustration. …

Let’s talk about brand illustration

You love illustration or you would love to have more of it in your product. I feel you. I know the struggle when illustration isn’t a priority in the team and you see it fading to a mere nice to have.

Well, it is somewhat difficult to begin a discussion on Product Illustration without discussing the term first.

On one side, product is any service, software, hardware or good provided by a company. And on the other side, illustrations are the visuals, drawings or work of art that explain, clarify, illuminate, visually represent, or merely decorate a written text


So I’ve been asking myself this for a while now: how do Design and Creative Treatments fit into all of this Agile talk?

We have so many guidelines, references and best practices out there nowadays (some linked at the end 😉), that in a way it can make it hard to gain clarity and direction. The truth is, there is not a single way or rule you or your team should follow. It’s under your best judgment and knowledge of your project, that you can apply some of these practices.

So, without any more hesitation, these are some of the tips I’ll like to share with you based on my experience in the field.

Irene Falgueras

I have too many sketchbooks, and a persistent enthusiasm to create new things. UX Designer @Picnic

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