The dilemma of the ego
Jonas Ellison

Sounds to me like co-dependency, not love. I realise your post is about spiritualism and is meant to be poetic, but to me it sounds like you are writing about someone who is desperate for love but has no idea how to attain it.

Real love is simply two like-minded and separate people sharing a life together. It is friendship, no more. If you feel your ego is lost once you are in love it means you are trying to live your life through the other person. By so doing you drain them dry and end up empty yourself (hence the lost ego).

You need to learn to love yourself first and not use another’s love to prop you up. You need to become an individual, an independent adult, and love another who is the same, so you can share your lives together but remain two separate individuals, not attempt to merge the two of you together into one so the individuals are lost. By so doing both of you will maintain your own healthy egos.

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