Fake Also Works

Some years back, my daughter played a lot of Pou. It’s this virtual pet game that features Pou, this brown-colored alien. I didn’t really buy that. That thing looked like poop, and there’s the name, too. I suspected that the creator of that app found it a real trip to get people to take care of a pet turd.

Since I’ve been crotchety since birth, that game irritated the heck out of me. Of course, my daughter thought it was cute, so I kept my annoyance to myself. First and foremost, I didn’t get the point in taking care of a virtual pet. I thought, why not just take care of an actual pet? I wasn’t about to demonstrate concern and responsibility for a virtual creature, one that looks like crap at that. And yet, there were several occasions when I found myself feeding my daughter’s Pou. A couple of times, I gave it some health potion. I mean, I had to; it looked miserably feverish and all. I also caught myself chastising my daughter for neglecting her Pou as I virtually bathed the dirty thing. There I sat, swishing my index finger on the screen of the tablet as I soaped that piece of turd. At least, my daughter had changed its color to purple by then.

That Pou reminded me of those Tamagotchis back in college. Keeping in character, I also hated the things. They were ridiculous. Some people would sometimes even disrupt class just to feed their hungry digital pet.

I just don’t get fake things. It’s like you’re trying to trick yourself. You can be an ideal pet owner, but if it’s to something that looks like your car’s alarm fob, then it really doesn’t count. But that’s me and my narrow-minded take on things. I suppose I can assume that a fake pet is a good substitute to the real thing for people who can’t have it.

It’s not just fake pets, of course. There’s fake cheese and meat for vegans. I’ve personally tried some, and they’re not bad. I suppose they give a lot of satisfaction to those who made that lifestyle choice. Some fake items are truly worthy, too, like in the case of prosthetic limbs. They definitely have the capacity to improve quality of life. But what about something less noble, like synthetic breasts? I imagine they serve their purpose to those who choose to get them. Besides these, lots of fake items are also more convenient to have over the real kind, like artificial grass, for instance.

Considering all these, I have to concede that fake definitely also works. All the same, you could say I prefer to keep it real, bad pun intended. Given the choice, I will almost always go for the natural kind, be it with pets, food, chest, etc.

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