Getting Out Of This Cookie Cutter Life

Have you read about that guy who developed an app and sold it for more than 50 million dollars? He did what I think I would have done as well: bail on life and set his family off on a permanent vacation. He and his wife sold all their worldly goods and used the money from the sale to fund their wandering. Meanwhile, their millions are earning interest in the bank. These are people after my own heart.

My husband and I feel like doing that sometimes. We would just up and go on this life adventure with our kids. The trouble here is that if something goes unbelievably wrong, we wouldn’t have millions in the bank to fall on. The thing is that people have been known to do the same even without having hit the jackpot first. I personally know several people who are carpe dieming the heck out of their life and just hopping from one country to another. Sometimes they rely on scholarships, other times, on actual jobs. Many are in the international school circuit. The thing is that most of them are single. Some are married couples without kids or with grown kids. In our case with three kids all under ten, my husband and I just can’t muster up the courage to dare to choose such a life.

Just yesterday, my husband was off at the now biannual VW Day celebration, so I brought the kids to my folks’. We’d normally have gone to the gathering as well, but our Kombi Westfalia was at the shop being fitted with air conditioning (it originally only had climate control), so my husband just attended in his brother’s 1962 Bug. We could have still gone but a) I’m not a fan of my brother-in-law and b) the weather at this time of the year would be muggy. There’s another one in December, which we won’t miss.

Gawd, why do I have to be so freakin’ detailed? Anyway, at my parents’ home, my sister and my daughter were watching RV on TV either on HBO or Fox Family Movies while I read my Kindle and nursed the baby (Did you need those details? No, you didn’t!), when my sister turned to me and said, “Isn’t that the kind of life you want?”

She meant those weird Gornickes, the traveling homeschooling Christian family made up of Kristin Chenoweth’s and Jeff Daniels’ characters and their three kids. She’s right too. Part of me wants to live year-round in a converted bus, road-schooling the kids. The nomadic lifestyle has always had an appeal to me. I daydream of living in a bus (I’m afraid the Westfalia won’t cut it for me as a home) or being a live-aboard (not that I know how to sail). Sometimes I even have strong urges to get back in the international school circuit just so we can travel more, but they go away because at the end of the day, I want to keep on homeschooling the kids.

Obviously, the solution here is to come up with something that I can sell for millions. Unfortunately, I’m not very innovative. If I were afraid to get my iPhone wet, I wouldn’t have been inspired to come up with a waterproof phone pouch. I would have just used my phone less so there’s a lower chance of it getting wet. Sadly, I’m not one for Eureka moments. There’s hope for my husband though since he’s the techie in our tandem. I guess I’ll ply him with peanuts, blueberries, and other kinds of brain food to keep him sharp. In the meantime, I’ll keep on daydreaming about being modern day gypsies.

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