Makeup Mishaps That Make Me Cringe to Date

I started playing around with makeup quite early, but it doesn’t mean that I’m any good at applying it now. I haven’t done any serious primping in the last decade — not since I’ve had to get my kids ready for going out as well. Most of the time, I go out with my face bare, all traces of exhaustion displayed fully, my hair in a messy bun or ponytail, my clothes wrinkled, my shoes scuffed…

Do you get enough what a hot mess I am? I may never have been the type to obsess over looking perfect (I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it anyway even if I paid a fortune and dedicated my time to it. My hair, dry, coarse, and frizzy as it is, would have thwarted all efforts toward perfection), but I swear I used to look better-put together. And, of course, I was younger. I know lots of others would claim this, but I swear, when I say that youth looked good on me, I’m speaking gospel-truth. The years just haven’t been kind.

Like I said, I never even deigned to aim for a flawless look. I slapped on makeup regularly when I still had the time and energy to do so, but more often than not, my application would go awry. Who am I kidding? I was a hot mess even then. I’ve had many makeup-related blunders, but they seem to be common ones, at least. The following are just some that easily come to mind when I think of my own makeup mishaps:

· Lipstick on teeth — I normally don’t have to worry about this. I don’t have the lip-teeth layout that’s prone to this, but it has happened on occasion, usually when I’m not paying attention while applying lipstick.

· Clumpy mascara — This is a perpetual problem of mine, mainly because I’m cheap and never buy my own mascara, so I just rely on gifts and hand-me-downs. I haven’t been able to shop for a brand that really works well with me.

· Slapped cheeks — There have been a few times when I may have gotten carried away with the application of blush.

· Uneven eyebrows — Dang eyebrows! If I could just leave them alone, I would, but if everything else is made-up, then they have to be darkened and shaped, too — in my case, to disastrous results.

· Crooked winged eyes — Love the cat’s eyes or winged eyes, but my hands aren’t very steady, so mine never look sleek. I just repair what I can and stand by my failed handiwork.

There are more, but they’re all just as dumb. As soon as I am afforded the luxury of primping again, I’m going to read up on face beauty tips and apply them all to make up for all my makeup-free years.