Once I Was A Blogger

Before blogging became an actual viable career, I blogged. I’d always done it over at Blogger. I started my first blog back in 2002 before Google owned it. Was Google even already around at that point? It must have been, since the company is said to have been founded in 1998. That’s strange though because I graduated college in 1998 and I think it was still all MSN and Yahoo at the time. Then again, I’ve never been savvy at tech stuff, so you can dismiss the last bit as inane chatter.

At any rate, I treated my blog like an online journal, detailing the hours of my day, venting, and musing random thoughts. My blog was just starting to get more readers when I decided to shut it down. I was doing my masters at that time and I posted something that upset one of the bigwigs in my college. He got his bowels all in an uproar and started spewing ridiculous threats. We resolved the issue and I continued blogging several more weeks before I shut the thing down. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

More and more people jumped on the blogging bandwagon, but the hoopla failed to spark my interest again. In the meantime, social media became a thing and I got more involved with that. There were so many things going on between 2004 and 2007, but I had Friendster with which to keep everybody posted. I got a new job, got married, got pregnant, and got a daughter in those years, and people half a globe away were able to virtually witness everything. When I became a mom, most of the moms in my birth club used MySpace, so I ended up opening an account there too.

In the beginning, I just posted pictures and commented, but I soon discovered their blogging feature and tried that out too. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to start another one at Blogger. Like any mother, I posted about my kid (just one at that time) and my parenting philosophies. I also shared my adventures in homemaking and crafting. I also shamelessly did a lot of fangirling. One time it was all over American swimmer Aaron Peirsol; another time, over the vocalist of this Australian band called Dappled Cities, etc.

This was back in 2007. Between then and 2012, I learned about monetizing my blog, Google ranking, back links, etc. I got invited to events, was asked to write about products, and got nominated for blogging awards. Suddenly, the blogging thing was a veritable career. The competition was pretty fierce though since everybody and his brother wanted to dip their toe in it too. Before you could say “SEO”, the blogosphere was inundated with bloggers with rather poor writing skills, and because they were more adept at technical web development and social networking, their blogs rose to popularity.

I have to tell you, that kind of turned me off blogging, but that’s not why I stopped (I’ve been telling myself that it’s just a hiatus, but it has been three years). I sort of lost momentum when my files got deleted (I still don’t understand it) and then it took some days before they were retrieved. I just didn’t bother posting again. I felt that I was too tired from childcare and other domestic endeavors to get started again.

I have to admit, that’s kind of a trait of mine. When I get stalled or things get derailed, I find it hard to find my way back. If I ever take up blogging again (I’m still paying for my domain name, hosting, etc. so my blog is still up), I’m hiring professionals to take care of website maintenance to minimize the risk of a similar setback happening again.

One day, I’ll miss blogging too much again and find the motivation (and the energy) to write that “comeback” post.

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