Pour Some (or Craploads of) Sugar on Me. In the Name of Christmas.

Have you properly been possessed by the Christmas spirit? I love Christmas so it starts early for me. If there weren’t Halloween and Thanksgiving or if we weren’t completely fraught with birthdays in September and November, it would have been a raging, maniacal possession since the first day of the –ber months.

As it is, my Christmas tree is up. There’s a wreath on the door. I’ve put up the Advent calendar. I’ve hung the family stockings. And I’ve started my holiday baking. My son has actually already given some snickerdoodles over at his therapy center. We put them in charming Christmas-themed cookie bags we got at Daiso. We gift cookies like they’re going out of style every Christmas. Those snickerdoodles are just the first batch. The family actually already polished off the rest of it, so we need to bake some more.

Incidentally, I’m a list-maker. I cannot function optimally without a list to follow, and, where it matters, I need to be on top of my game, so, yeah, I make a lot of lists. Christmas obviously matters, so it’s no surprise that there is a printed copy of our family’s Christmas bucket list for this year stuck on the fridge door. My daughter has been enthusiastically striking with a neon green highlighter through all the items that we’ve accomplished thus far.

Last night, as she drew a line across another item, I stood behind her, perusing our list, and it occurred to me that a good chunk of the list pertained to food. Well, it’s certainly no wonder why I gain a few more much unneeded pounds during the holidays.

One thing I can say about the most wonderful time of the year is that it is also the sweetest time of the year. Literally. Considering how partial I am to sweets, the following may seem like a false statement, but I really never have as many sugary treats as I do at Christmastime. Our bucket list attests to this. To give you an idea of what we’ll be consuming in the coming days, let me list down all the goodies I mean to make from scratch.

1. Cookies — My kids and I are going to make some more snickerdoodles. They’re also looking forward to making our annual batch of stained glass window cookies. Definitely, we need to make gingerbread men and at least one house, although I’m seriously considering using cinnamon graham crackers for the houses this year. Since we’re baking anyway, we’re probably going to make chocolate chip cookies as well just because we love them.

2. Pies — We’re making apple and peach, but my daughter has the idea of making Christmas pie just like what Little Jack Horner was eating, so she has the responsibility of learning about that and finding a good recipe.

3. Marshmallows — I’m dabbling in making gourmet marshmallows, so we’re making some to snack on and some to put in our hot chocolate.

4. Cinnamon rolls — These are for Christmas morning.

5. Hot chocolate — Far be it from us to simply rip into a packet of Swiss Miss. We’re doing it the old-fashioned way and dumping some homemade marshmallows into them, too.

I’m developing a tooth cavity just writing about this. You can bet your boots we’re heading off to see our good dentist first thing in the New Year. In the meantime, you’ll find me slaving away in front of the oven for most of December.

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