The City Sister and the Country Sister

My sister and I are similar and yet also so different. We shared a room in our youth so we can’t help but share other things as well, such as our sense of humor, taste in music, happy associations, etc. Having said that, it’s also very easy to see how vastly different we are. She’s more outgoing and charming, while I’m very slow to warm up to people who, in turn, tend to be hesitant to approach me anyway. My sister is very fashionable, while I have no fashion sense most of the time. She’s athletic and graceful, while I’m a certified couch potato and klutz.

We both still live in our hometown, but when we travel, we differ in opinion when it comes to the places we visit. For instance, when we were visiting relatives in California, our hosts would often let us choose between two options regarding where we would go. Case in point, we found ourselves at loose ends one afternoon in Fresno, so we decided to go out. It was Fresno, so it wasn’t like it was overflowing with tourist attractions; we would always just hit the malls. That particular aunt, her daughter, and my sister all love to shop, but even they were looking for a change of scene. Or so they said. After much rumination, we zeroed in on two possibilities: another mall my sister and I hadn’t visited yet and Woodward Park. Guess who was the only one who voted for the park and then received disbelieving looks from the others. And they said they wanted to do something different too! They just led me on.

Here’s another example. When we were in SoCal, another aunt asked us to choose between Universal Studios and the San Diego Zoo. I really thought we’d end up going to the zoo because we’d already gone to a couple of amusement parks similar to Universal Studios. I guess I was the only one interested in going to the zoo. No big surprise there. I’m used to being the oddball with the dorky preference.

And then there are our favorite places to visit. She loves Las Vegas while I find it a bit depressing. When we head for the Bay Area, she prefers to stay in Frisco while I prefer to make a Berkeley hotel our base. She likes LA and I can just skip it altogether, but insist on going up to Solvang and Mendocino. I can appreciate a bustling metropolis, but if I had to pick, I’d go for the quieter and quainter option.

At the end of the day, our tastes may differ, but we still end up sharing experiences. Unlike the City Mouse and the Country Mouse, we don’t go our separate ways.