What I Want to Find in a Gift Basket

I’m putting together Valentine gift baskets for my husband and kids. They’re just small ones, but I think they’ll like what they’re getting. My husband’s basket has several kinds of craft beer and some hipster condiments (Hello, Sriracha!). My two eldest are getting some more pillows for their reading nook, some Scratch and Sniff books, and some art supplies. The baby is getting a pillow and some cloth books.

Okay, I know this sounds unfair, but I really don’t care that I don’t get anything on Valentine’s Day. When we first started dating, I told my husband that I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s, so he didn’t have to give me anything. He took my statement and ran. I don’t think he’s willing to give me a chance to take it back.

The thing is, it’s different when you have kids. You want to keep on celebrating with them. If we celebrate obscure holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day and Dr. Seuss Day, then it would be remiss to skip Valentine’s.

Now, I don’t have to give my husband anything since he doesn’t expect it, but I found that I really like giving my family gift baskets and care packages, so he can just go ahead and feel guilty for not getting me anything.

I spend more time thinking of things to give than of things I want to get, but as I was putting the baskets together, my mind wandered and got to wondering what I would like to receive in a gift basket myself. This is what I came up with:

1. Wine — Should I ever find myself not nursing anymore, I would love to get some pinot grigio (I know it’s so popular these days, but I’ve always liked it), some Chateauneuf du Pape (both red and white), some Calvados, and some fine bubbly.

2. French Candles — I’ve only ever had a Diptyque (a gift from one of my dearest friends) and I loved it, so I would love to get some more, but I understand that there are other really awesome brands as well. It would be a treat to try them too.

3. Tea Things — I want everything for a proper tea, from china and linen to comestibles and the tea itself.

4. All My Favorite Chocolates — You only live once, so, heck, yeah!

5. Hot Tub Things — I want essential oils and bath bombs.

6. GCs for a Hotel Stay — It has to be a nice hotel. Part of the experience would be a tub of Haagen-Dazs in bed and a rom-com marathon.

7. GCs for a Teeth Whitening Package — It’s high time.

8. GCs for a Bookstore — You can never have too many books.

9. GCs for a Spa — Mani, pedi, massage, the works! I’d love some serious pampering.

10. GCs for a Complete Slimming Treatment — I really need to get back in shape. Some professional help in this regard would be really appreciated.

Ooh, this list sounds really nice. I think I’m going to send my husband a link to this post.

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