Why to choose Dr. Indira Ganeshan for IVF & Surrogacy?

Dr. Indira Ganeshan

For several factors responsible to first degree or second degree infertility, resulted in yearning for pregnancy without success. Most of these factors are associated with some fertility related problems in women like blockage of Fallopian tubes or absence of proper lining in the uterus etc. IVF and surrogacy are the processes with high success rates to address a number of fertility related issues and helping hundreds of thousands couples in stress to be blessed with their child worldwide.

Counted as the Top IVF Doctor based in Delhi, Dr. Indira Ganeshan have been helping hundreds of couples every year to fulfill their dreams of happy parenthood over many years of her illustrated carrier as an IVF & fertility Specialist. Having Training and experience of best of the clinical protocols in world in the field of IVF and Surrogacy form the University of Leeds,Dr. Indira Ganeshan is renowned for her precision, diligence and very high success rate.

The process of IVF or surrogacy is very engaging to the couples and a period full of hopes. If for some reason the outcome would not be positive they would feel very disappointed at the expense of reasonable amount of money. So it is very important that the process of IVF and Surrogacy would adhere unflinchingly to the best of the infertility treatment protocol ensuring quality, care and transparency in the services. Dr. Indira Ganeshan makes certain that every couple visiting to her clinic gets a personalized attention and undergoes a customized infertility treatment with the aim to maximize the chances of successful pregnancy. Thereby, it is not surprising that, today Dr. Indira Ganeshan reviews gratefully by hundreds of proud parents as the Best IVF Doctor in Delhi.

Specialist in Surrogacy, Dr. Indira Ganeshan offers complete and hassle-free services to those couple who could produce embryos through IVF, but the wife could not carry the pregnancy. Form arranging healthy and cooperative surrogate mothers through reputed agencies to taking care of documentation through experienced staff, the comprehensive diagnostic process is implied for ensuring the wellbeing of the embryos during the carrying period by the surrogates.

Birthing a child is the most cherished moment for a parent, realized through many months of hopes, dreams and care. With the consultation and advice of IVF and Surrogacy Specialist Dr. Indira Ganeshan you can realize this dream of yours most comfortably.

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