Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention Irene Kepler

Professional social workers in the United States constitute the largest group of providers of mental health services, with over 200,000 clinically trained social workers in the country. Federal law in the US and the National Institutes of Health specify social work as one of five mental health professions. Irene Kepler is one of these licensed clinical social workers, and has amassed multiple certifications in other aspects of her profession.

Irene Kepler

Irene Kepler is a licensed clinical social worker, an LCSW, who currently works as a Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention in Fort Myers, Florida. LCSW certified social workers are mental health professionals who provide counseling, therapy and minister to related mental conditions. Kepler may help place clients in jobs, homes and ensure the provision of basic needs, thus improving the quality of life for an individual with mental health issues. Common employers of clinical social workers are hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers, and there are LCSW certified individuals who maintain private practices. Through group and individual therapy sessions, the LCSW learns how best to help the client, helping individuals recognize detrimental behavior patterns and new ways to react to the provocations which initiate that behavior.

Irene Kepler previously worked in her native Mt. Pleasant, Michigan as a Crisis Intervention social worker and Women’s Shelter Supervisor for Women’s Aid Services. Her Licensed Clinical Social Work status enabled her to render valuable aid to the county seat of Isabella County, located inside the Isabella Indian Reservation. 37% of the population is below the poverty line.,_Michigan