I’ve seen a few comments here and there about how our current time and our current revolution is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Well, I beg to differ. Let me explain.

Even a marathon must come to an end. And usually at the end of one, even if someone is trained and prepared, they are exhausted and dehydrated. Their muscles and cells have been broken down and need repair. They’ll need to recover for some time. One can’t run a marathon indefinitely.

Good, safe, sane and lasting trauma work means a lifestyle approach. It means learning a new…

This is what we have been missing: Connection.

And not to others, but what this doodle is about is connection to SELF + the environment. In the middle of all that, the little pink spot is our autonomic nervous system (more on that below).

Humans of course need some form of community connection, but we also have this amazing higher brain that allows us to run solo, but still be VASTLY connected to our creativity, our body, our environment and our spirit. We cannot, we must not, forget this.

People (can) find great peace in retreat and solitude when they…

I want to dig into a topic I deal with a lot in the realm of healing trauma, nervous system health, and all things neuroplasticity: a Highly Sensitive Person. The term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a common one these days and it’s someone who is hyper-attuned to the world they live in. Someone highly aware of everything around them. Sound familiar? Another term that goes with HSP and is a subcategory of this topic (and one lots of folks will place themselves in) is in the area of empathy or people who are highly empathic or term themselves as…

Anger and healthy aggression. These are essential ingredients to human health. I know, I know, here in western society, we tend to shy away from anger. But believe me, to be able to express anger and aggression in a healthy way, as part of our DNA, means learning how to harness this biological birthright and our human self-awareness. It’s critical for the health of the world too.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic because like I said above, the expression and energy flow of healthy aggression has the power to heal us and set things straight…

I often livestream Q+A’s to help address any concerns my followers and friends may have about the work I do in somatic healing, or more specifically, neuroplastic healing sequencing. But before I lose you with hefty clinical words, let’s start out with the main point of this particular discussion on how to deal with sadness.

Which Sad Am I?

Sadness is a natural human emotion and it exists on a spectrum so it helps to categorize it. About ⅓ of my work is derived from Peter Levine, who is a leader in something called ‘the new traumatology’ and he founded…

‘Our life is in our hands and between our hands’

Deep power and communication exists within our hands. The way we use our hands impacts how we think, move, feel, heal and relate to people in our lives. Through our hands, we can learn to soften our relationship to the world around us, create safer boundaries and open ourselves to more play with others.

Put simply, the way we use our hands reflects the way we live. Changing the way we move our hands changes how we experience well…pretty much everything.

Science has shown that our hands are our direct connection to our brain’s frontal lobe. As embryos, our hands…

Do I have your attention?

Know that this isn’t about me posing for a picture on a river with yellow pants, good air, and fabulous evening light.

This post is about humanity’s survival and evolution.

The world is hurting. Our natural environment is hurting. But the problem is this: nature isn’t something separate from us. We gotta remember that WE are Nature. We are organic matter, with a pulse and life energy…just like the oceans, animals, rivers, worms, and dirt. We are all nature. And let’s face it — nature only stays healthy when it’s treated with respect, care, and lots of good intentions.


Tell your truth. Tell THE truth. Please.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, or feel some tough stuff, but it is essential for our health to tell our truth. Keeping it in can kill us slowly if we are not careful, and in my opinion it simply isn’t worth it.

Keeping it in creates toxicity in us, and because we are the cells of the planet, it creates toxicity in here on Earth.

So we need more truth and healthy, safe expression so we can heal at a universal level.

Back in the day, only a few decades ago…

Participant in an Up & Down Movement Workshop exploring a Feldenkraisian neurosensory lesson.

Touch is an important part of life, in fact we need it to survive!

Yet if it is not done well to us and for us when we are developing as infants, toddlers, children, and even as teens, we won’t know what good, nurturing, healthy, loving, safe, and unconditional touch truly is.

We won’t know how to touch others and it’ll be very tough to connect to ourselves (to touch ourselves or even relate to ourselves) in a way that is self-nurturing (loving). This is literal, and metaphorical.

If you’ve been paying attention to the photos that relate to my…

You know that saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’?

How about ‘less is more’?

Or this one, ‘quality over quantity’?

These phrases are top of mind right now as I share a new vlog that digs into a question posed to me the other day in our Facebook community, Healthy Nervous System Revolution.

The question had to do with the all too common reality of what happens when one does WAY too much in a somatic trauma healing session and the less than desirable after-effects that can result.

From my experience a person will do too much, too soon…

Irene Lyon

Nervous System & Somatic Trauma Expert. Proud Heretic. More @ www.irenelyon.com

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