Empower yourself: restore your healthy aggression

Irene Lyon
Oct 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Anger and healthy aggression. These are essential ingredients to human health. I know, I know, here in western society, we tend to shy away from anger. But believe me, to be able to express anger and aggression in a healthy way, as part of our DNA, means learning how to harness this biological birthright and our human self-awareness. It’s critical for the health of the world too.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic because like I said above, the expression and energy flow of healthy aggression has the power to heal us and set things straight with humanity. PERIOD. This stuff will heal the world.

Getting to the point in which we are all able to work with, express, and be present with healthy aggression and anger is going to take some time, but I believe a lot can be done in one generation (maybe less, I mean, look how fast tech took over ?!) if we are open to it.

The starting point is learning what healthy aggression is. Then, more importantly, building the biological capacity to be with ALL body sensations and emotions and impulses, while also being connected to the present moment, the environment, and others around us. IN ADDITION, we need to be good with others experiencing their intensities and their ‘outbursts’ and ‘tantrums’ and pains and stored up ‘stuff.’ This is especially true for future parents (please restore your healthy aggression before having babies so that when their natural life force shows up, it stays strong and is not ‘depressed’ and punished).

Finally, we must abolish cathartic practices that are by-passing the essential foundations of nervous system regulation so that we are not overriding our physiology and pushing through with ‘industrialized’ willpower as a means to heal trauma and our human condition.

As I see it we need:

Skillful practices, skillful practitioners, correct education, and people open to slowing it down a lot and being open to the long view; as opposed to quick fixes that are all too often counter measures that shift the nervous system into the opposite survival physiology (which makes one think they are regulated but are merely just experiencing a different physiological state!).

The work, this work can happen more effectively and efficiently if we stand up for our human birthright: it’s desire to experience life force energy and the healthy aggression that makes this energy possible. Without it, we will never find the force of nature that is in all of us.


Learn more about Irene’s work and her online offerings and live workshops here. Her binge-worthy YouTube video can be found on here.

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Nervous System & Somatic Trauma Expert. Proud Heretic. More @ www.irenelyon.com

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