How to Create an Advanced Ecommerce Admin Panel Using NodeJS and ReactJS | Source Code Available-2022

Using NodeJS and ReactJS to Create Advanced Ecommerce Admin Panel in 2022.

We’ll use Node.js, ExpressJs, MongoDB, and React to develop an admin panel with video demonstration. React will be used for the frontend, MongoDB for the database, and Node.js for the server.

For eCommerce Applications, it has the following Admin Features. It uses the MERN stack as its foundation (MongoDB, Express, React, Node js).

  • JWT for Authentication
  • Detailed statistics(ANALYTICS)
  • Adding, Deleting and Editing everything
  • Real-time updates
  • Customer Details
  • Ordered Product Detail
  • Payment and Fulfillment
  • Abandoned checkouts
  • Add Unlimited Products


How to Run the Source Code and Host the Dashboard Website Locally on Your System


  • Download the Source Code project
  • open server and install dependence for typing “npm install”
  • run server for typing “npm run server”
  • open Dashboard folder in “cmd” and run “npm install”
  • Then run dashboard for typing “npm start” after server start
  • if you want to see where server and Dashboard connected look at Dashboard folder in package.json at “proxy”:”http://localhost:5000"

Download Source Code

👉 Admin Website Static Demo :

👉 Source Code : Go Here

👉For any issues and concerns, you can post on our discussion group and channel

👉 Admin-panel Video Tutorial:

👉Ecommerce Website Video Tutorial :

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