Out here, in flyover country, there was a little lady who stole the heart of everyone who met her.

Friday was a busy day at work. I had interviews to conduct and articles to write for the local newspaper. My husband, Paul, offered to take our cat, Cinders, to the vet after school. We had been watching her closely. She had lost half her weight in a short amount of time and our veterinarian diagnosed her with kidney disease. The last time I saw her eat was Tuesday night. …

Carter Canyon Wildlife Management Area.

I crossed the old wooden bridge over the canal on County Road 17 and continued on. The dirt road makes an almost ninety degree turn just up ahead before winding back to the left, then right, ending in a small, open area. A sign lets you know all the people and organizations , including the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Panhandle Area Development District, and Robert and Kim Cox, who have made this area possible. The Cedar Canyon Wildlife Management Area parking area is uneven and rocky. The 2,225 acre area is about six miles southwest of Gering, Nebraska.

I pull…

Irene North

Writer and journalist in Western Nebraska. Website: https://www.irenenorth.com/writings

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