Yesterday was my last day at Bocoup, where I’ve worked for the past 6 years.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of joining Bocoup in its early days, when there were 8 engineers in one room, trying to make the web a more open place. I was drawn to their dedication to open source, and joined in a heartbeat. I then spent the next 6 years starting and growing a data visualization practice that I will forever be proud of.

I am very lucky. I have a lot to be grateful for:

  • The projects I’ve worked on
  • The educational resources I’ve…

The last 8–9 years of my career have been focused on Data Visualization, which has given me plenty of time to develop a philosophy or two about my approach to this field. I say two, but I really mean about half a dozen of semi-distraught career-crisis generating moments (that lasted weeks or months) questioning what it is I want out of this field, whether what I am doing is the “right thing” and whether I should be doing something else.

Given Elijah Meeks’ thoughtful article about why Data Visualization practitioners are leaving their jobs, I thought it might be worthwhile…

Constraints #1. Irene Ros

A call to change the way technologists build the future

This week I had the privilege of attending Foocamp 2013, an unconference put together by O’Reilly Media that brings dozens of brilliant people together to discuss anything from politics to technology to faith. The attendees pitch the sessions and that’s just about the only rule.

As I was preparing to leave for Foo, I thought a lot about the topics that I wanted to discuss with the Foo community. Specifically: Hackathons and how we can make them better, ensuring the open source movement is thinking about sustainability and better supporting those learning how to code. As it turns out, these…

Irene Ros

Formally the Director of and Principal Engineer at the Data Visualization practice at Bocoup. iros on github. for all other things

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