Five Detox Drinks that can Save your Life

With a lot of people obsessed into health and fitness, it is no wonder why detox drinks are becoming a craze nowadays. Detoxification is basically a process of eliminating the toxins that causes a number of illnesses in the body; and this is made possible by eating the right kinds of food, drinking healthy beverages and following an active lifestyle.

Daily consumption of detox drinks is just one of the several ways to cleanse our internal organs. It comes in different varieties, depending on the availability of fruit or vegetable added to it. However, if you have no idea how to make a detox drink, you can try these simple and healthy options, which can definitely give a boost in your immunity and improve your overall health.

1 — Cucumber, Mint and Grapefruit Detox Water

Detox drinks like cucumber water with mint and grapefruit is easy to make. This beverage guarantees detoxification benefits because cucumber, mint and grapefruit has numerous antioxidants.

Cucumber itself has 95 percent water which quenches thirst and hydrates the body. Mint on the other hand has a soothing benefit and grapefruit provides a dose of sweetness.

If you combine and soak these fruits and vegetable to a liter of water, you can enjoy a tangy, sweet and refreshing beverage.

2 — Lemon and Ginger Detox Water

Detox water with lemon is a common drink to individuals wanting to lose weight; but to make it more effective in expelling the harmful toxins, adding a little ginger is recommended.

Any kinds of citrus fruits will do but lemon and ginger are commonly found in every household, so to make the best detox drinks, simply soak it in a liter of water then you can drink it after two hours.

Lemon promotes proper digestion and ginger has compounds that combat free radicals thus, making it a healthier drink than canned juices and sodas.

3 — Iced Green Tea

A home-made iced green tea is a perfect detox drink. Green tea leaves has antioxidants that flushes all toxic chemicals acquired from food, beverage and environment.

It can be availed at different health stores, but you can add fruits like lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, as well as a spoonful of honey to sweeten your detox drinks.

The good thing about this is you can store and drink iced green tea anytime and anywhere.

4 — Apple and Cinnamon Detox Water

Apples and cinnamon are available all year round, and if you make your detox drinks out from these delicious ingredients, you will definitely enjoy having it. Apples have a lot of vitamins and minerals.

It tends to leave us a feeling of fullness that is why, it unnoticeably suppresses our appetite and burns calories. Adding cinnamon can also provide an extra flavor and dose of antioxidants.

It increases metabolism, aids digestion and improves overall health. Hence, apple and cinnamon detox water is a great beverage to drink every day.

5 — Blueberry and Raspberry Detox Water

Blueberry and raspberry are among the berry fruits loaded with B vitamins. Detox drinks with this fruit variety can boost one’s energy and improve proper digestion.

It also has a bunch of fiber and antioxidants thus, it eliminates toxic chemicals from our bodies. Blueberries and raspberries may be considered seasonal fruits, but making a detox drink out from it is surely beneficial.

To live a longer life without acquiring diseases is possible through detox drinks. Try any of these fruit and vegetable combination and let it stay in a liter of water.

Aside from its bountiful health benefits, it can also save you lots of money from hospital costs and medicines.

Originally published at on August 7, 2015.