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Donate for a deserving cause

Charitable giving is one of Islam’s most essential obligations .since it affects both the individual’s life and society overall. It is regarded as the most honorable manner of spending money. Charity is linked to generosity, a virtue that is, unsurprisingly, essential to Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated:

“A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbor is hungry.”

This indicates that if we do not donate money or do charity and don’t show kindness to those who are less privileged than us, we are not considered a real Muslim or believer in Allah (SWT).

There are hundreds of organizations working in Pakistan for the welfare of children, women, and old people. One of them which is most commonly recognized by every single Pakistani is EDHI FOUNDATION. Abdul Sattar Edhi founded the Edhi Foundation in 1951 as a non-profit organization in Pakistan. It offers a variety of services to the entire country, including education, homeless refuge, medical treatment, and a 24-hour emergency ambulance service. Millions of people are provided with food, clothes, education, shelter, and ambulance services.

we were assigned a project by Amal Academy to collect donations for the Edhi foundation since, after the death of our beloved Edhi Sahab, the Edhi Foundation is experiencing financial difficulties. Currently, the charitable ratio has declined by around 25–30%, which is a significant reduction for a charity. This activity was carried out as a batch project that lasted two weeks. firstly We had to develop a proper fundraising approach and begin working on it within the first week. and we had to use our second week to collect receipts and details from all those who donated to the Edhi foundation.

Week 1

The first week was a bit difficult for all of us as

  • it was difficult to decide where should we start.
  • Which strategies would be more effective to convince more people to donate.
  • Also, this was the first time for most of us to work on such type of product.

So we started by making an online poster and shared that on our statuses and stories. We used online platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to target a large population. But unfortunately, things hadn’t worked out the way we were thinking. The majority of the people had ignored the statuses and stories. Barely someone had responded to our stories and contacted us.

Week 2

Then we changed our strategy and messaged everyone personally and tried to convince them. We hadn’t forced anyone to donate. in the second week, we collected receipts so that we can compile all the data.

Here are the experiences of collecting donations shared by our group members,

Irfa Ahmed’s experience:

It was not a difficult experience for me as I had helped my roommate in collecting donations for another organization just a few days before assigning a task by Amal academy so it was tough to convince people again to donate again. But I had tried my best and convinced at least my nearest and dearest ones to spend for a deserving cause. Some people just had given positive feedback on a single message and also there were some who instead of giving charity had given lectures and tried to convince me that I am wasting my time collecting money for the Edhi foundation. But overall it was an amazing experience. I felt spiritually connected for being a part of something which is for a noble cause. One thing I realized is that we spend a lot of extra money on food, and clothes and waste money in many other forms but it takes a lot of energy to convince someone to donate to a deserving person or to help someone.

Muhammad Farhan’s experience:

It was a quite challenging and interesting experience of convincing people to donate funds to the Edhi Foundation. As I am quite an active donor so the majority of people had trust in me and donated with open hearts.

I reached out to people through Social media i.e. WhatsApp, Face, book, etc. I also texted them individually to donate to noble causes. Posted the poster for fundraising and method to donate through various bank accounts or microfinance banking (Jazz cash, Easy Paisa, etc.). I also reached out in person, firstly informed them about the Amal project for volunteer fundraising, and showed their posters, and various methods to donate. For people who doubt, I also showed them a signed permission letter which convinced most of them.

Most of the people had donated before my fundraising as it was the month of Ramadan. Most of them donated more but few said they cannot donate more. Some donors didn’t have jazz cash or easy paisa, so I accepted money, donated through my account, and send the receipt for verification.

I reached out to almost 500+ people which 300 through my status and more than 200+ people in person collected an amount of Rs.5533. Most of the people were convinced on spot but they didn’t donate later on. Some people avoided donating saying they donated plenty before. Some Argued Edhi gets tons of funds why are you collecting for them. As there were some failures but there were also people who were convinced through my presentation and character and donated willingly and trusted that these funds will reach the right place.

Muhammad Hayat’s experience:

Asking for help or asking for anything was not my nature so I feel too much shy to ask for donations even from friends but then I talk to my friends and family members and as a result, everyone to whom I ask for donations donated. The second challenge I faced was the majority of my friends and relatives didn’t have bank accounts or Easypaisa so it was very difficult to go to each individual and collect cash. I talked to my two relatives about this project, and they agreed to donate 2–3 thousand rupees but they didn’t have Easypaisa or a mobile bank app and I didn’t get time to again visit their home so as a result, I can’t collect funds from them.

This project gave me the feeling to help others so I will not quit this and try to collect funds not only from friends or relatives but also from strangers. I will try to keep contributing to this project as it is a part of our religion to help needy ones.

Yumna Aftab’s experience:

In the beginning, I was a little worried, thinking that whether I will be able to collect funds or not but then I was able to do it. Though the people who donated are less in number I think it does not matter because little effort matters. Convincing people to donate to the social cause was a good experience in a way that it helped me to practice leadership i.e. responsibility without authority and made me realize that if we cannot start from the scratch to work for a social cause, we can at least help those who are already working for it. This activity also gave me a chance to work on my communication skills since I talked to different people about the task that was assigned to me. Since it is the time of technology, I used social media to convince the people to donate Our circle leader made a poster and I forwarded it to family, friends, and my university batch group along with voice notes in some groups while texting messages in the others. Some people were very cooperative in the process; they listened to me patiently and donated instantly. Others asked that they will donate but a few days later I had to remind them. The challenge which I faced was that some of the people did not have E- a system for cash transferrin their mobile phones while others who had it, did not know how to transfer money online. I helped them with the procedure and then they were able to donate. Many people neither refused to donate nor donated which made me realize that failure is a part of life and after experiencing failure you can reevaluate and come back stronger with better reasoning which means that improvement is the result of failure.

Sheraz Ali’s experience:

The experience of convincing the people to donate to the Edhi Foundation was very challenging as a feeling of fear was there that how would people react and respond to it and would they be willing to donate or not. The responses were not good enough as most people weren’t interested in this. Convincing them was a big issue which I tried to do by using influencing words. Individual dealing looked more convincing than in a group. This activity brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me to interact and convince people and not to worry about failure.

Hadiqa Farooq’s experience:

We live in a world where people are more materialistic and concerned about earning more and more but still in this world some open-hearted people think about others and do their best for helping them. That can be in any form either by donating money, clothes, or food or by making their problems less difficult by guiding them the right way. Last week I got a project in which I have to collect donations for the Edhi Foundation where I found that this world is full of people who are ready to serve and help others. I started my project by convincing my family my friends and then people on my contact list. I make a donation appeal message and share it in my circle individually and this gave me confidence when I got my 1st donation this also helps me to know how to convince others and how to make people listen to you. I also share messages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The collection I received was from my mother, my sister, some friends, and also my hostel roommates. In this whole process, I contact more than 20 people of which 10 contacted back and out of them I successfully convinced 5 and received donations from them. Overall I got a total donation of RS 1000 from that.

Overall it was a very good experience to use my skills and through this, I also got confidence that I can make other people convinced as contacting verbally especially convincing the 2nd person to admit/ accept my view is such a difficult task for me but this was overall a good experience.


Major challenges we faced in these two weeks while collecting donations are:

  • As it was our first time so we were not aware of how to convince someone to donate.
  • Some ignorant people are not even aware of the mission of Edhi foundation but take it as their right to give lectures against the foundation and our project instead of giving charity.
  • And the major challenge was the month and time, as it was about the end of Ramazan and every Muslim family donates money at the end of Ramazan as it is a ritual of our religion, so we had heard many excuses “ hum nay kal e di ha Abhi, hm phly apny aas pass walon ko deity hain”


Even in a short period of time and having so many hurdles and different opinions, we had not let our hopes and motivations die. We as a team collected 21783 rupees, which was just a little effort from our side to help and serve Edhi sahib’s foundation. We were doing this activity as an assignment but Edhi Sahab had done this throughout his whole life just for the sake of humanity.

links of datasheet and receipt folder:



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