The nature of light

The light that brighten to me today was what I was interested to know since I first heard of it, I was interested because she was in purest form without any influx from local influential stereotypical mindsets in our ultra conservative society.

The light open herself up to me her inner light when it get darker in herself, how it become lit and saves her with being downing into sea of sorrows. The light was Indeed precious, that glown so perfectly, giving hopes to unsophisticated imaginations.

The light introduces herself in way that was never introduced by someone in my existing life till now, gorgeously and sensibly with deep sincerity. With utmost care and with understanding that the person she's taking to should not be uncomfortable because of her. She insisted every time that I shouldn't mind if she do certain thing which I was completely okay, because I believe everyone has their rights to do whatever they want, but as matter of recognition - it indeed felt good, at least someone is there that care enough to not do certain thing because you do not like it or will suffer a bit from it.

She then innocently started her curiosity in the form of sofest questions, and I answered with utmost dedication and with radical honesty. Which It seems that she like it as she's allergic to lies.

She seems to be great in interactions with ones she's interested in, I think she values the materials and souls she repects - And I admired that.

The conversation then gone to philosophical things - like the psychology of behaviour, attitudes and interests. After it, she open up with her heart, the things which shes loves and will be happy to have. I'm stunned that I and she has 90 % of things in common. It's of great pleasure to share things with someone that agree with you.

The feeling that at least I get to know samess in thoughts of a precious pearl is like dancing in paradise, that have romantic cloudy and windy weather, and every step of the dance is the things she mentioned she adored, like sameness to likeness in chocolates, fast foods & spicy foods, black colour and so on.

She seems to be a girl, like any other girl, teased of social construct to have certain things in life. But if you didn't have you'll be termed with nouns like 'proudy' 'rudy' ao on, which has nothing to exist and dot know the concept behind it. They fail to see the psychology that we act and expect in a certain way. Not to dettered by it, should be our main strong point.

All girls want to have someone in life that gives all things of her imagination, but life is the name of hardship, nothing comes in advance or free. You will have to earn it...

And I think the light that glows today showed following personality and qualities.

A desire of.

1. Care
2. Love
3. Respect 
4. Modernity 
5. Understanding 
6. Honesty
7. Equality 
8. Loyality
9. Sincerity 
10. Sensibility

Traits that she haves

1. Loving nature
2. Caring heart
3. Aspiring future
4. Supportive family 
5. Likeness to uniqueness
6. Nobel connection with God
7. A trust to find the best: curiosity 
8. Thruthfullness
9. All things which she desires
10. An imaginative mind

So, the nature of the light was interesting to read out, and felt some emotions with it. I hope this light becomes more and more interesting, I wish this ligh becomes more and more bright, I wish this light becomes more valuable day by day I wish this light gets the best, because she deserve the best.

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