How important is being Equip and Real in the Interview process…

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Reaching out to the HR professional for discussing that how important it is to be “Equip” and be “Real” for the interview process was a great experience for me. I finalized my informational interview for this purpose with Dr. Salman Mustafa, who is “Convener Professional Growth Cell (PGC) Department of Mechanical Engineering COMSATS Sahiwal. Our meeting was very pleasant and truly informative for me. During our discussion, I asked following questions to maximize my job interview.

How important do you think it is to be yourself in an interview?

In the reply to this question he said that these two things “Real” and “Equip” are very important tools for making the judgement about the candidates if a candidate is properly equipped and he is making himself proper dressed then it shows that he is passionate about the organization and if he is real then he is more confident in his words that he is speaking.

How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?

In the reply to this question he told me that HR recruiters identify the real candidates by cross questioning if he is not providing the relative answers then they consider that person is not real. The main thing he said that how much the person quantifying the answers shows that he is more real in his story and his body language provides a clear idea that he is real or not.

How should we answer when the interviewer asks about our weaknesses?

I was not clear about this question and he answered in a very beautiful way, he said we should always answer in a diplomatic way, we should say that our friend thinks that we have these weaknesses but we think these are not my weaknesses, I use these things for learning new things.

What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

He said that the first thing is being prepared for the interview through the research about the organization and then wear proper dress per the organizational culture and environment and after that be confident and make eye contact with the HR manager be honest to show that you are real.

I was surprised to hear answer about these questions. I had no idea before that how to answer the weaknesses question and now I will do homework and will remember his suggestions for the interview process.

I appreciate his comments about honesty and to be yourself during the interview and I think these are values that we should improve in ourselves so that we would be able to impress the interviewer and get a call for the job after the interview.