“What Tool Do You Use?”

Sorry, there are no secrets.

I’m sure many artists get this perennial question or something like.

“What pencil is that you’re using?”, “What paper are you drawing on?”, “What markers are those?”.

I know most who ask are just curious, and I’m always happy to tell them what they’d like to know. However, there are also folks who ask this question assuming that the tool somehow creates the work.

I have a habit of polarizing topics, so I’m going to avoid declaring outright that tools don’t make a difference. They do — albeit to a small degree. My own work, for example, uses markers as the primary medium. They help achieve gradients and a traditional look.

That being said, that’s really where the importance of the tool ends, and the skill of any artist comes into play. Case in point:

This piece was coloured in digitally, as an experiment to see if I could do it. While they may, strictly speaking, look different, the point is that it could be done either way. It’s not the best digital piece out there, but I’m comfortable calling it decent.

At the end of the day, you could have the best tool of 2017; if you don’t have the chops to wield it, your work is still gonna stink.

So don’t sweat it over the small stuff, and focus on skills that matter.