2 steps to social media success for just about anyone or anything.

  1. Content
  2. Distribution


Content is key. Understand that content is everything; if you have no content you have no reason for people to give two craps about your cause, business, brand, or idea. Being that there is so much noise in the world & on the internet, people tend to overlook the “salesy” bs & get straight to the entertaining content or the genuine content that actually means something to them. Content should be innovative & entertaining, but relate directly to the purpose, mission, or cause of your brand, business, or idea. It’s the 21st Century, buyers are just as smart as the sellers. There is no trick, in order to stay afloat & grow as a business, you must provide consumers with iriginal(lol) authentic content. Everyone loves a great story… being purposeful about putting out genuine personal content will create a story around your brand, thus, bringing actual attention to your brand. In turn, building an actual digital community of people who are eager & ready to see what other value you can bring them through the honest & real content you put out. Yes, it takes effort, but this is business in the 21st & 22nd Century.


Distribution is a major factor in social media marketing. Actually building a community… actually having & constantly growing a digital community of people that are in love with your brand because of the relatable & genuine content you put out is the goal. Depending on the scale of your business or brand, it is not enough to just put out amazing content. As a brand, you must connect & talk with people on a personal level. Spread your content! Actually strike up conversations with regular people about themselves related to your brand. Having followers is not enough… 1,000 actively participating followers is extremely better than 100,000 followers who never pay attention to your brand.