3 tricks to attract customers

In the previous post we speak about setting up business — idea and its validation. Now it is time to speak about attracting customers.

Hello, world! or how to become a self-made billionaire — P R E V I O U S

Maybe you will ask: “Why NOW we should attract customers? We don’t have a product.” To answer your question, I would cite great specialist in startups Dr. Donatas Jonikas:

You should start to prepare your marketing strategy the same time when you work on your product. If you do it after product release — it is already too late…

You should promote your startup so early to collect loyal customers, who will wait for your product and, probably, make a pre-order!

So, here are 3 tricks to find the first customers and keep them:

Use social media

79% of consumers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook.

Social media is place where you can communicate with potential customers, create your brand story, promote your services and get your clients. You can also use blog to tell more about advantages of your product or service and share facts about your life if you use personal brand. People like to read life stories, real cases and stories from personal experience.

To get more knowledge on this topic you can learn Secrets for Finding New Customers from Top CEOs. This is the infographic with interviews of CEOs from companies Booker, MediaBrix, etc. where they tell their secrets in marketing.

Pay attention to the emotions people feel when they use your product. Here is a video from webinar about User experience and neuromarketing, and how to use it in your business.

By the way, here are my links in social media:




Expand online presence

89% of shoppers do online research before purchasing an item in-store.

To have website about your product is a good idea. Here you can show people product, your portfolio and they can make an order. Collecting good reviews from your clients on your website will also encourage people to make a purchase.

To create a professional website — you can hire a specialist to create a personal site or buy professional Wordpress theme for just a few dollars. Don’t forget to make this website optimized for mobile phones. A professional website will go a long way towards impressing clients.

Do not forget to start a blog — sharing good quality content will help you to increase retention rate. And do not forget to promote your content.

Keep communication with customers to increase retention rate

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60–70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5–20%.

Don’t just chase after new customers! All researchers tell one thing: “You get more profit from existing customers ”. So, it is reasonable to spend energy to create a good long-term relationship with a few clients rather than spend a lot of money to attract new customers.

Speak with clients about everything, find your common interests, show your prospects that you have a personal side, and that you enjoy your work. Demonstrate interest in your clients, their situation, and the overall well-being of their business. If you care about them, chances are they will start to care about you — and you will reach a long-lasting relationship.

More tricks to attract customers you will find here.