How to increase your sales: guide on customer development

To get successful in business, at first, you should carefully study your target audience: their demands, problems, habits and interests.

In such studies, neuromarketing will help you. With neuromarketing, you can “draw” a psychological portrait of your audience to understand their real needs and learn the best ways to communicate with potential customers.

You can learn more about neuromarketing and its application to a business outcome from the record of webinar “Applied neuromarketing”.

But if we speak about startups, the required market research is time-consuming and painful maintain.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that help you to learn your customers better.

At first, here is a video with a co-founder of InnMind, Katerina Voronova, about customer development. In this video you will learn:

  • questions to ask your audience,
  • how to organise communication,
  • how to understand your target audience,
  • how to make the collected data work
  • other questions about Customer Development.

Here is the list of “good” and “bad” questions that will help you to conduct Customer Development in a more efficient manner.

>>>>Download the list

Wrike, service for work and team management, created an infographic that helps you to learn more about your audience just staying in office.

As it is mentioned in the infographic, you can benefit from using Social media to reach your target audience — easy and cheap — just what the doctor ordered for a startup! Statistics speaks for itself: 79% of consumers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

So, just create your own community, group or business page and share personal life stories and real business cases — your audience will enjoy!

>>>>> Learn more tricks to attract customers

Good luck in your activities!