Why does critical thinking matter?

We have evolved as a species with a highly developed autonomous mind, and we don’t like to think. We like to choose easy solutions and tend to ignore complexity.

Is driving a car complex? It is very much so in the beginning. But once you train your brain, it becomes automatic.

Critical thinking is not something we are born with. However, it is something that we can train our brain to do — to be better thinkers, better leaders, better parents. We need critical thinking to have solid reasoning for tasks such as explaining to a kid why drinking soda might be bad at the age of 3 and definitely does not contribute to well-being long run. We may need to explain why people choose to drink soda even when we as parents may say it’s no good. And in order to do so, we really have to present a strong case. (Yes, at the age of 3, many children are already better critical thinkers than at the age of 23.)

People grow up and forget about this questioning attitude. So we can make better decisions and take right actions.