Stop #DailyUi Start #FixUi
Benjamin Berger

It’s hard to fix something when you have to go through layers of management (and let’s be honest, how many of those people really care about good design?!) without a pre-planned budget, developers able to do the task at hand or project managers to oversee the development of the entire project. What you are suggesting is as utopian as the UI challenge dribble designers. It would never work in the real world, which spins around business decisions and yearly planned budgets. Also, what graphic designer wants to work for free?!

However, I do agree with you that these designs don’t offer any real-world based solutions. If there’s no message and an end user to it, design is not design anymore, it just becomes art, free for anyone to enjoy. Maybe we should just look at it like that, as some form of #UIcandy, sweet but eventually unnecessary.

Good read though!

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