Vineman Monte Rio Triathlon

Yesterday I did an Olympic triathlon in Monte Rio, CA: 1.5 km swimming, 40 km biking, 10 km running. With an excuse of having a poisoning two days prior to the event and still feeling weak, I did ok: #339 out of 680 (men and women) and #15 out of 45 people in my category. The swimming was the activity I was worried the most. Nevertheless, it surprisingly turned out to be a pleasant experience. Even a blooming algae did not shutter my winner’s attitude. Although one guy hopelessly managed to lose his Garmin device in the algae. There is no way to see the bottom of the river.

The race started at 7am sharp in the Russian River. Everyone was wearing a wetsuit (don’t forget we are in California ;). 0.9 miles of swimming included some walking due to the shallow water, which is most likely a consequence of the famous CA drought.

Then we ran to our biking area that everyone prepared the day before, changed clothes, replenished our energy with nutrition. I even managed to spray some SPF all over my body as I hate tanning lines from my biking shirts. Two years ago, while biking in Tahoe, I did not notice that a part of my back was open, and I had a dark line across my back for 9 months. Sexy.

Running was my favorite part. It is where I was able to make up for all the lost time while swimming. The weakness from prior poisoning was not my best friend but I, obviously, finished the race.

Overall: swimming 36 min 54 sec; biking 1h 22 min; running 51 min.

Anyway, the main challenge, Half Ironman in Boulder, CO, is coming in 12 days. I will do a short fun video of the race with the help of my friends (they do not know that yet). Please wash your fruits and vegetables.

Also make sure to visit Monte Rio. It is a magnificent place. Sometimes, it is even sunny.

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