Digital ethnography is a powerful method for preliminary research. Don’t underestimate it. People share a lot of information online.

Digital ethnography concept

1. Competitors’ reviews

The first thing that you can do is to go through the customers’ reviews of your competitors. This will help you to identify what people are struggling with.

  • Check for the reviews on Capterra, Q2, TrustPilot, App Store and Google Play
  • Check what customers write on social media. For example…

Use case of testing a startup idea by faking a product and conducting ads campaign to get initial contacts.

Startup research concept

Idea stage startups often struggle to get potential customers’ attention for their research. If a product doesn’t exist yet, it might be useful to just fake it and see people’s reactions.

This validation method is referred as Fake door testing. It can be the first iteration of lean startup loop…

“Can you make the text bigger? Our colleague has to squint to read it.” — one of my first clients asked me. This was my first accessibility lesson.

A few years later, I got a chance to attend a course on Inclusive Design held by Antonio Grillo. “Awesome!” — thought I — “I always wanted to make something for the impaired. Maybe I can make a prosthesis!”

Don’t laugh, that’s what I thought inclusive design is. What I…

This story is inspired by the course AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng on Coursera. AI concept is put under a designer’s lens and illustrated with the relevant examples.

Robot is asking a smart speaker what is AI

AArtificial intelligence has been there for a few decades already. In the beginning, it performed simple tasks like spam filtering, content recommendation, or personalized advertising. Now it’s evolving and bringing to the world self-driving cars, smart speakers, and predictive systems.

Why it’s started to evolve so fast? First, the amount…

Enrich the user experience by using new technologies, behavioral design, gamification, and your creativity. Read it if you feel stuck on the usability level.

Woman sceptically looking at the wireframes

So we follow a human-centered design approach.

We conduct user research, find the pain points, the needs, the desires. We build dozens of maps, visualize the research findings. And then, of course, we find a solution.

Hey! Do you feel something is missing?

The solution turned out to be just…

Irina Nik

UX designer

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