Empowering Women In The Sharing Economy

Hi everyone! Here is my first article I wrote for AxleHire, company I am working for. Want to share it with you :). Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below!

Consumer engagement in sharing business models is attracting attention from both venture capitalists and technology industry veterans. What began looking like an experiment, has grown impossible to ignore.

But what does it bring to the table for women and how does it help to improve their lifestyles with a “gender lens” approach economy? That’s the topic we are going to analyze in our article today.

Women are empowering themselves, choosing to work from home and earn a living on their terms. The hunger to own your destiny works as the locomotive of the sharing economy. Especially if you are not interested in gigs from “9 to 5″ and want to live your life the way you want and not how others schedule you to.

Sharing economy is changing the world and it does it very fast, especially during the last couple of years. Employment spectrum offers people flexible schedules, great incentives, algorithms to make real time adjustments of their working schedule in regard to consumer demand, weather, cancellations etc. Customers on the other hand get just-in-time offerings and deliveries. Sounds like a win-win game, even if some short-comes come along with it. But we’ll not talk about it today.

There are many people out there who feel perfectly fine working a full day at the office, while there are others who would prefer a balance instead: work, personal life, family, kids, traveling, pets, having fun and so on, and I am talking from my personal point of view here. Isn’t it awesome when you can wake up when you want, make a coffee and drink it in bed, and only after that slowly dress up and head to work, meeting, presentation or do a delivery? And then, when you need it, you can always take a break, meet with friends for lunch, pick up kids from school, work for another couple of hours, then go for a dinner to your parents’ place? I would say it sounds ideal. Especially if you are a woman, and I am.

Companies swimming in the on-demand pool offer much greater flexibility, compatibility with your all-to-human rhythms of life, fair compensation. Lawyers, business executives, bankers, doctors, and many other professional women can continue to advance in their careers or at least stay in the game while being the kind of parents they want to be, or just be their true self and live to their own standards. Now is better than ever for women, you can take a project-base work and do it from home or while traveling and enjoying life. Women in a wide range of professions can match their wants and needs to projects. Or they can take a delivery-driver job and make the schedule fit their desires and needs, and work as many hours as they want. Approximately 35% of our employees are women, and we are proud to say that this number is constantly growing! :)

Here are some of the Benefits Of Women’s Economic Empowerment, published by UN Women:

  • When more women work, economies grow. An increase in female labor force participation — or a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labor force participation — results in faster economic growth.
  • Evidence from a range of countries shows that increasing the share of household income controlled by women, either through their own earnings or cash transfers, changes spending in ways that benefit children.
  • It is calculated that women could increase their income globally by up to 76 per cent if the employment participation gap and the wage gap between women and men were closed. This is calculated to have a global value of USD 17 trillion.
  • Women bear disproportionate responsibility for unpaid care work. Women devote 1 to 3 hours more a day to housework than men; 2 to 10 times the amount of time a day to care (for children, elderly, and the sick), and 1 to 4 hours less a day to market activities.
  • Women’s economic equality is good for business. Companies greatly benefit from increasing leadership opportunities for women, which is shown to increase organizational effectiveness. It is estimated that companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational effectiveness.

As Beyonce sings — Girls Run The World and women deserve all it has to offer!

Are you curious about how work in the sharing economy fits into your lifestyle and how it meets your needs, we invite you to visit our website and find out what opportunities we can offer you.

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Benefits of joining AxleHire:

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This is what our employees say about us:

I had a job with very unpredictable hours that interrupted time with my family. With AxleHire, I’m able to establish a schedule that allows me to spend time with my kids.

Oscar S.

I joined AxleHire after I got tired of driving part-time for a ridesharing company. I preferred to know exactly how much I’d make during a shift. I’ve never looked back.

Andy V.

I switched to AxleHire after working for 3 years as server. They provide me with better financial stability and I still get to interact with customers on a daily basis.

Michael C.

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