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The role of rediscovering the known

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look will change” — was the front message of an old birthday card, found behind my wardrobe. That morning, I had my coffee, staring at the wall and pondering on the practical side of this theory.

If facts in life are mere interpretations of our subjective view, as the great thinker F. Nietzsche states, then indeed, anything is due to change.

Based on the notion of perspectivism, nothing in the world can be definitely true, as truth shifts depending on the viewer’s perspective (although someone could argue that…

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The value of emotional connection

In the 93’s movie, “The Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray protagonists as a weatherman, who finds himself trapped in time; doomed in experiencing the same day over and over again. His only getaway to sanity was himself, by actively changing his behaviour, whilst everybody else was happily living in a loop. He tried to be mean, fake, cheeky, indifferent, dismissive and dead. Nothing worked. Only by improving himself, he finally managed to gain his girlfriend’s heart and wake-up in ‘tomorrow’.

The unexpected turn of a world-wide pandemic transforms this movie scenario into a real-life experience. Basically, when every day lacks variability…

A guide on the existential barriers of inspiration flow

Inspiration is commonly described as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something”. Personally, I regard inspiration as the effortless integration of the conscious and the unconscious, dancing through an interpretive meaning.

Inspiration, born and raised in perception, dies out in expression.

However, its circle of life is not as short, as dramatically sounds. Inspiration has a reciprocatory nature that allows a constant, spiral-like flow if one manages to be successfully intuned.

An idea, the proud descendant of the known and the unknown expands in the spectrum of importance and redundancy. The one who decides on its…

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The transitional process during personal growth.

I have 12 indoor plants. I call them the “kids”.

They all have different water routine, diverse personalities and a special place in my living room. Some are loners, enjoying living in the shadow, some are sociable little fellows, leaning towards the window to catch some rays. Some grow in a low and steady rhythm, others grow exponentially, making myself a very proud mama.

Whatever their growth rhythm, there will be a critical moment in all plants’ life. Repotting time! As the plant grows bigger, a bigger pot is necessary for their roots to spread, grow and get properly nourished.

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and other x-days challenges

I love writing. But inspiration doesn't show up every day. So I wouldn’t characterise myself as a daily writer. When I started sharing my stories, I wanted to engage a bit more and find ways to improve. The best way to improve is practice, right? I, thus, considered taking a 10-days writing challenge. The instructions were simple:

The Prompt: Commit to writing 10 minutes a day for 10 days (starting with “Today I noticed…”)

I was very keen on engaging and I was quite confident that it would be an easy task to complete. I was…

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A story to remember

The smell of the dark, still untasted coffee, my parents chattering at the kitchen, the mellow sun collecting back its rays. — “Perfect Sunday afternoon”, I thought, with my 7-year old mind. A Disney movie was about to fulfil my blissful state. I was going through all the videotapes when I suddenly stopped — “Lion King, that’s my pick”, I whispered enthusiastically. I had already watched the movie a couple of times, but I was still blown away. Who could blame me anyway?

As expected, I went through the drama once again, when Mufasa, Simba’s dad, died for not fully…

What is your reaction when someone is eating crisps?

“Oh my God, f**king, fat, c*nt, eating like a bloody slug” was Ricky Gervais exact, out loud reaction after hearing someone casually enjoying his crisps at the pub, where he was having lunch. Throughout all six episodes of the new Netflix series “After Life”, in which he is starring, Mr Gervais does not hesitate to embed as part of his role one of his real-life struggles.

As mentioned in two of his most recent interviews, he can’t stand people chewing, crunching, sniffling, slurping, whistling and making explicit noises whilst yawning (i.e…

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”
Jean-Paul Sartre

I had just left my office. It was an early spring afternoon. Pre-sunset time; my favourite. I was walking alone down the street, heading towards the tram station. A cloud of random thoughts was wondering around my mind. The type of thoughts we all do. What to eat, what happened to this old friend, what would happen if I move counties?

That day I had chosen to mentally plan my to-do list for the rest of the day. Other days my restless brain is more inventful and…

An inner-monologue about freedom

“Hi, I am a brick.

A brick from a brick wall. The one across you. And I will look at you for the next n amount of hours. Here n will be defined by the x hours needed for your existential expectations to be met. We are going to sit here together, staring at each other till someone wins. Or someone loses, which is always the case in our paradigm, where one’s win is derived by one’s habit to give up and laugh (or cry). And I don’t.

It will be fun. All those moments of silence will find us mesmerised…

The universal definition of boredom is conceptualized as:

“The aversive experience of wanting, but being unable to engage in satisfying activity”.

The main difference between boredom and laziness is a thin line of will. It is the desire of action that defines boredom within the context of “wanting to” but “not doing so”. While being lazy, you are rebellious, you don’t care too much, you flow into your lethargic mode. And you are completely fine with that!

On the other hand, when you are bored, you suffer. You don’t flow. …

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Research in psychotherapy || Writing about the art of existence

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