Fun Time With My Four-Year-Old

I am a working mother of a four-year-old girl, who is always on her little toes. Although my work keeps us apart for the entire day on weekdays, we never forget to make up for lost time on the weekends.

Our hectic lifestyles and increasing work pressure can easily hamper the work-life balance of an individual, and the worst affected are parents, even more so, the children. A survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Nintendo revealed that parents do not have enough time to spend with their kids these days. The average parent also tells their children that they are too busy to play at least eight times a week. Being a working mother myself, I can completely relate to the plight of all working parents, but can’t imagine myself in a situation where I am unable to give my girl the much needed “us” time.

Luckily, my employer and work profile allow me certain liberties, like bringing my child to the office once in a while, using the office’s day care facility, and not having to take work home. My organization, as much as it is quality-oriented, also leaves no stone unturned in retaining its valuable employees. So even on weekdays, I make sure I get to spend a few minutes with her, since I believe these little moments can add to the growing bonding and sense of security in the child and lay a firm foundation of my relationship with her as she gradually learns to become independent.

Making Weekdays and Weekends Full of Fun

According to an article in The Guardian, it is quality, not quantity, of the time spent with children that helps them in forming their basic character traits and overall personality. So, every day, I try to take out 15–20 minutes from my schedule for my little girl and we indulge in a few fun activities. We have made an activity schedule for every day of the week and we make sure to follow it religiously.

On Mondays, we have story-telling sessions, while Tuesdays are booked for Lego construction games. My daughter loves swimming, so I have her enrolled in a swimming class for 2–4 year old children at our nearby swimming school, Into the Swim. Our Thursdays are generally spent painting, drawing or coloring together, while Fridays are more relaxing, where we bake something together.

Since I get to spend all my time with my little one on the weekends, we usually plan small outings. It could just be a walk in the park or by the beach or a visit to a museum, playground or even a movie.

I surprise her sometimes by dressing up like her and then we go window shopping. Every third Sunday, in summer, is reserved for a picnic, where we enjoy playing a card or board game out in the open, under the cool shade of a tree.

Being a single mother and a busy working individual with a drive to pursue my interests, I am happy with how I am able to imbibe similar values in my child, while also being able to take time out to nurture her into being a happy, healthy and fiercely independent individual.

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