Interaction Design Process

  1. For this project, I designed an app specifically for college students to use for collecting the water quality in this region. I started out by brainstorming possible users/motivations and ended up with students who are seeking to improve their GPA. Then I wrote out all of the functions I felt that the app should posses, and sketched the screen images from there. After having some fellow students test my app, I added in extra functions that they suggested to improve the usability of my app.
Drafting the entire app interface (left), work in process of the sign in screen (right)

2. When I was creating my app, I realized I wanted to do more than just your basic touch or swiping gesture to bring up a new screen, I wanted to be able to make the buttons or displays on my app more interactive. I would like to explore those little details because I think that can make a big difference on how an app looks/works. A big problem I encountered was that not all of my notecard could fit on the screen for the app, so I had to redraw some of them. In the future, I should test out the whole procedure with one piece of the project.

3. I liked that this project was very open ended in the way that you were able to pick a scenario and design an app pretty much however you wanted to. The criteria was very simple so it allowed me to add onto what was required and go off my own way. I also really liked how easy it was to actually use the technology to prototype. It was fun letting other people use it and hearing their feedback.

4. Some places in society where this type of work is important would definitely be jobs that were working on a new type of process (i.e. HR hiring process), or anything essentially technologically related. With processes, it’s important to practice putting people through because you can catch areas needing improvement before the real deal happens. With technology, it’s important to have people testing an interface and how to interact with the object because what may be intuitive for the person who created the system, may not be intuitive to the general population.


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