This Week in Science Misinformation

Tim Ballisty
Jul 23, 2015 · 2 min read

Science misinformation is making headlines this week and spreading on social media.

The first example is from the Bay Area where a 4.0 earthquake occurred on the morning of July 21. This headline appeared on CBS San Francisco’s website in the afternoon as a follow-up story to the earlier quake.

Turns out that the USGS scientist’s words were misrepresented and paved the way for a headline that is alarming to say the least. This story was picked up by several other media outlets and they ran with it.

The damage was done but the USGS did its best to correct the misrepresentation and replied to a tweet I sent out and several others.

Social media damage control in action…

Meanwhile, in space, there was more science confusion unfolding.

Another Earth. Those two words in NASA’s press release on a conference announcing new discoveries by the Kepler Spacecraft make for easy headline eye candy.

But in reality…

And the Kepler discoveries are certainly not related to SETI.

So if you think some science headlines are too good to be true, don’t just click the retweet or share button. Do a little investigation first before spreading around the inaccuracies.

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