Beyond Good Intentions: Homework for White People

“an honest, difficult conversation about how Minnesota nonprofit organizations can break down cultural silos shaped by race and social class, and build more authentic, institutional relationships that value equity, true collaboration, and new forms of community.

Unraveled Network: Beyond Good Intentions will help us address the fear and discomfort that confronting systemic racism creates in traditionally white-led organizations, and the role it plays in propagating closed networks. How do we open up our networks, acknowledge the existence of white supremacy, and build new, equitable connections? What are the intentional and practical changes we can embrace to be more mindful of our network-building practices? This conversation will involve sharing and listening at a deep level.”

Educate (yourself)


Get out of the way.

What’s Next

Diversity is about the things that make each of us unique. Diversity — in all ways — is valuable to us as people, and as an organization. We value differences. This means that we make an effort to invite and attract a variety of people.

Inclusion is creating a space where a diverse group of people feel a sense of belonging. This means creating, and constantly evolving, a respectful culture.



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