Why to use jira service desk for creating reports in real time?

Creating a report in real time is an important part in any firm. JIRA service desk provides a real time reporting feature with powerful reporting functionalities.

A good team performance is a must for making a company successful. Here in JIRA service desk you can see your teams performance in real time making our work way too easy in development.

There are just five simple ways to create a report. This helps us to improve our team. First we have to enter a name, then select series from drop down option( Can add upto 20 series). The third step is to add label to the series which is then followed by clicking on the add button after which the wall is created.

This report can be fetched by various time features and here too we can use the drop down menu to adjust the unit of time according to the need for that particular report.

These reports are easy to configure and also a lot easier to read. You can divide your data by time, volume, priority, and other categories as well. Also, these reports are really easy to figure out and can be helpful in many ways like for example in measuring SLAs (Security Level Agreements).

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