Our Monday’s adventure)

I’d like to tell you about our Monday’s “adventure”. That day was the first learning day for us and we expected usual lesson of Englisg language but teachers surprised us) They formed 10 teams and gave us lists with different tasks. They called it quest (“Scavenger Hunt”). We had to run around the LUNN and take selfies in differnt places, trying to find them themselves) but, of course, we asked faculty members for help. For an hour we had to come back to certain place. We tried to do tasks as much as possible but, unfortunatly, we didn’t win. We are not upset as we had a lot of fun) these selfies are proofs of our being in that places. Now I’d like to share some of these selfies with you) Our team’s name is “Jingle Bells”)

We were near our university theatre called “Liar” (1 photo). We had to take a selfie with something Chinese (2 photo). We bought a coffee in coffee machine (3 photo). We were in the English Department (4 photo). We also were near the room of University President (5 photo). Our team visited the accountants office (6 photo). We also were in the chair of English and Americanism (7 photo). We took selfie with a librarian (8 photo). We took a photo near the Union Trade (9 photo). We have a selfie near the Museum of the LUNN (10 photo).
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