I Pass on Turkey This Thanksgiving
Jen Durbent

Well, I live in Ireland so we don’t do thanksgiving really so it’s down to Christmas. Christmas dinner was always a bit of an awkward time for me since I was a bit queer and everyone else in the family did the decent thing and got married. Sometimes I went, sometimes I stayed away and one blissful year I ‘full bodied red’ myself through the day skyping away bleary eyed and slurri talk till pillow land.

This year I would like to host a party. it’s probably not going to happen but I would invite, straight (orthodox straight!) couples, gays, trannies both gender and vestite, and I heard of a man in the in the US who married his horse, they would both be very welcome!

To round it off, maybe a bi-polar, somebody homeless, somebody very wealthy and maybe by then President Trump. Oh and they guy who said in the responses that you were mentally ill!

Beat that for a party if you will.

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