25 Kerala Images that will make you want to visit Kerala

Kerala is a land of beauty and attraction — some called it the land of romance, some called the land of love, some called the land of elephants and some called it the land of Nature. Of course, Kerala’s stunning scenery and eye catching views that you can enjoy through kerala images make it worth calling all these names and the most well known of all — Gods Own Country.

Besides all the natural scenes, it has wildlife parks, waterfalls and backwaters ready to attract the heart of photographers and nature lovers. Words are less to explain — Kerala’s outstanding beauty and mystical scenes are better observed of you visit the place yourself.

So if you’re wondering what Kerala is really like, we are here to help you.

Cheer up! These images of Kerala are guaranteed to transport you to paradise or Gods Own Country.

Here are 20 of the most stunning and awesome Kerala Images which will definitely make you think that you should visit this place at least once in the lifetime.


Munnar Tea Gardens


Munnar tea plantations is among the most famous places to visit in Kerala. It is remarkable not only for the refreshing natural views of tea gardens but also for the sweet scent of tea leaves that fills the air of Munnar. Newly married honeymoon couples visiting Kerala love to romance there in the company of tea leaves. Imagine yourself with your loved one walking with handing in hand or enjoying a cup of tea at the place from where it’s originated? Awesome or not?
 Besides the green views, the light, soft clouds seems to be so close to touch with your hand. Such a Nice Scene you will surely don’t like to miss a photo of you in a Munnar Tea garden.


Near Athirapally Waterfalls



This beautiful picture is photographed near one of the popular waterfalls in Kerala — Athirapally waterfalls. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala and ia also called as the ‘Niagara Falls of Kerala ’. Being the largest waterfall and the green views with the musical sound of dropping water, it’s very popular among tourists.
 Moreover, Vazhachall falls are close to this and thus it’s another popular tourist destination. Drenching in the waters of this falls, especially in summer, is a great way to enjoy Kerala Tourism.



Ooo..! It’s Raining in Kerala


Lucky are those people who enjoys rain and Monsoon Tourism at Kerala — It’s a great and much more than just ‘eye catching’ view. The rain at Kerala not only ready to wet you at outside but you will also feel wet inside. Your soul will get drenched in the greenery all around . Everything will look new and fresh– just like a painter freshly paints and remake all his sceneries in paintings.

It’s awesome how nature paints and fill the colors again in the atmosphere. Cool!


At Vadanappally- Beauty of Villages in Kerala


Vadanappally is a beautiful village located in Thrissur district. It has also beach named as Vadanappally beach — clean and pleasant, Moreover, the sea shore is lined with the beautiful coconut trees and it’s a great place for swimming, sun bathing and having naughty moments with your love one or a friend. The whole area is covered with the attractive water bodies. Visiting the area at morning is a great way to refresh yourself and let your eyes feel the nature so closely.

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Scenic Roads through woods and beaches


Enjoy a long drive on the roads through the dense forests. ‘Idukki’ a district in Kerala is famous for the roads that passes through the heart of lush green jungles. Enjoy having a bike and drive through the long roads. It’s a unique experience, if you never enjoyed a journey like this. Hire a Jeep or bike and go enjoy on the roads of ‘Idukki’ — enjoy the cool breezes of wind, the scented air and the green trees — nature near your soul.


Elephant Herd near Thekkady

elephant in kerala

Located at the Periyar National Park — one of the India’s finest Wildlife reserves has a collection of wildlife like Periyar tigers, Elephants, Deer etc. Having an elephant ride there will add another remarkable adventure to the journey.
 It’s also a great place for people who love photo shooting with animals and rafting in bamboos . A heaven for wild life photographers — get yourself close to the Jungle life in between the fierce tigers and giants structures — Elephants.


The Paddy fields of Kerala


Above picture is showing the local children playing at the paddy fields in Kerala. Kerala’s people are simple and most of them are in the Profession of farming. You will find a lot of paddy fields there — bringing another great view to eyes. Walking in these paddy fields is also a peaceful, enjoyable and memorable event.
 They are worth seeing in the evening at the of sun setting — The paddy fields are appearing to be peaceful and silent, with light rustle of leaves somewhere. You are not going to enjoy such an impressive scenery somewhere else.


Backwaters of Kerala!!!!!



Kerala’s backwaters are famous due to their natural calm and silence. Seeing these backwaters in summer and having fun in a boat is worth trying. Kerala’s clean lakes and water bodies makes a chain of backwaters across the whole Kerala.
 Above picture is showing a scenery of backwaters in Kasargod — a famous backwaters destinations in Kerala. The houseboat visits and boat rides adds an additional and memorable fun to the tourists. Moreover, the snake boat races are also another lovely event to watch.
 Another great backwaters destination is Valiyaparamba. Treat your eyes to the water sources of 4 rivers as well as a magical view of a little island.


Theyyam Dance


Theyyam is one of the popular ritual dance performed by locals. Among the locals it’s also called to be the ‘dance of gods’. Theyyam includes dance, mime and music which shows the culture of ancient tribals which has a great importance among locals. From about 400 theyyams performed, the most popular and spiritual ones are the Raktha Chamundi, Kari Chamundi, Muchilottu Bhagavathi, Wayanadu Kulaven, Gulikan and Pottan.
 These thayyams are performed annually from December to April at the Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple in Kannur.


Shoranur Railway Line


railway-lines — kerala-photos

Nilambur — Shoranur railway line is one of the shortest broad range railway lines in India. Passing through the dense forests, you will enjoy the journey along with the winds, the birds and the rustle of tree leaves throughout the journey. It’s also a better and cost effective idea to move across the kerala in train — you will get a thorough overview of the beauty, innocence and attractiveness of whole Kerala.


Vagamon Forest


Wood Forest in Vagamon

Vagamon is a beautiful hill station comprised of cascading waterfalls, landscapes and valleys. The above picture shows a part of Pine forests lined at a solid rock in vagamon — standing with its outstanding beauty and Natural Chrisma. Besides Pine forests, vagamon has a lot of greenery, fog, and green meadows which makes it worth to visit.
 Vagamon is one of the major places of attraction for tourists and honeymooners in Kerala. With uncountable stunning natural sceneries=, it’s also a great spot for taking snaps and making small videos with friends and family. It’s also a strongly recommended place if you are planning a trip to Kerala.


Kovalam Beach view


Kovalam beach is one of the most famous and eye catching places at Kerala. It’s the tourists love. Swim, play with sand or cuddle up with your loved one. The beach is also decorated with a beautiful light house and green trees along with the green rocks treat eyes with its mystical views — especially at morning and evening. Watching sunset in the evening at Kovalam is another great scene ready to catch your heart.
 Taking sun bath and having some funny gossips, smart laughs made the whole day worth at Kovalam. It cannot be fully enjoyed in one day. To explore the Kovalam and enjoy it in true meaning, you have to spend more than one day there.


Eravikulam National Park

Home to number of endangered species in western Ghats, this national park is among the best tourist spots to visit in Munnar. You can experience the wildlife at a very close distance and is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with the nature.

Wrapping Up:
 Kerala has magical and eye catching views at every step. We are presenting this article to bring the best of Kerala in from of you. Once you visit, surely you feel like not to return forever from that place. It’s a land of waterfalls, green meadows, hill stations, tea plantation and simple and friendly people. If you plan to go, we recommend you to also visit the local shops, and meet the locals. It will be a unique experience to meet those people and may be you can explore a hidden beautiful place because of them!!
 Get drenched under waterfalls, play at green meadows, walk in the paddy fields, feel the scented air and do whatever cool and outstanding you want to do at Kerala. At last, the most important thing — don’t forget to take a lot of Empty space in your Camera or Memory Card — You are going to take a snap at every Step!

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