My Human Spirit Stance

Today I was looking for quotes on persistence, perseverance, success, or motivation when I came across this quote:

We write because we believe the human spirit cannot be tamed and should not be trained. Nikki Giovanni.

In my thoughts, that one quote encapsulated the words I was seeking to find quotes for. And another plus, Nikki Giovanni had been a favorite person of mine since my first years of college. She came into prominence with the Black Arts Movement in the late 60’s followed by her poetic voice being raised in the 1970s as racial views as we knew them were drastically changing. I decided to use her quote!

As a writer, I believe if we are truly going to be successful in life we cannot be hushed by another’s conscience, displeasure, expectations, or rules. The untethered voice within is key, led by our human spirit. This dynamic duo will allow us to share ourselves with the world. Further, no one can or should be instrumental in making us feel what we feel, do what we do, or be who we are. Our natural God-given personality, without the constraints of others, should embody our true selves.

Nikki Giovanni, an independent and uninhibited woman, goes full out in expressing what’s on her heart and mind, not allowing her spirit of vitality and freeness to be reckoned with by others. Her refreshing poignancy of expression and creative thinking amazes me. I can see, almost touch, her human spirit! But, what is the human spirit really? Some define it as a force within us, be it spiritual, celestial, or heavenly, that gives our bodies power, energy, and life. Others say the human spirit is the essence of ourselves in the purest form, and likely most concentrated. I feel that the human spirit is almost hard to describe. I believe, however, when the true spirit is evident, we are drawn to people, thrilled by their liveliness and engaging interaction, and often in awe of the realness they possess.

This has to be why I have always admired Nikki Giovanni — a poet, writer, activist, author, commentator, civil rights activist, educator, and professor. Throughout her life she has spoken her mind, helped define the voice of African-Americans on numerous fronts, been captivating with her thoughts and actions, and stayed true to herself despite criticism or snipes. Recognized as Woman of the Year in numerous magazines, she also received countless awards for her many accomplishments. She has been on the campus of Virginia Tech thirty years, instrumental in helping students know and find their voices as they make their marks in the world.

I’m sure you know, or have heard of, others that inspire you because of their human spirit. Allowing our human spirits to be and to flourish throughout our lives, as Nikki Giovanni and other successful writers, singers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and many others have done, is of paramount importance in how we enjoy our lives and impact others. That is something I have struggled with most of my life, but as of today I am more determined than ever before to make every moment count and to allow my human spirit to soar.

This is my Day 5 post for the 30 Day Writing Challenge in the Speak Write Now Community.

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