My Story with Music

When it comes to music, I can’t remember clearly the exact time when I fell in love with it.

  • Maybe in the period of primary school, there were an increasingly trend for us to sing the most popular songs in those days. Lin Junjie (JJ) is a popular singer especially at that. time. I remember we even learned to sing his hottest songs in the music class, such as Jiangnan, After millennium and so on.
  • Maybe in the period of middle school, net singers were popular in these time. Even in the tense time of preparing for senior high school entrance examination, I. loved to sing the new songs of Xu Song with my deskmate — a handsome boy. Yeah,it’s amazing! When other students read the books loudly, we can sing those songs happily as well as loudly. It was really a lenght of great memory in the bottom of my heart even though it wasn’t allowed to do so in those days.
  • Maybe in the period of high school, under the high stress of study, listening to music is the better way to relieve ourselves than any other ways. But everyone had a different taste of music from then on. We chose to listen to different types of music. But I preferred to listen to light music which can make me calm down and feel relaxed. Also, I was a little picky about lyrics because I learned to speak like a book in my Chinese class, I think.

From then until now,that Liu Ruoying is my favorite singer is the only constant. In fact, she is a famous singer as well as a good writer. She has published many books which also attracts me a lot. It’s no exaggeration to say that she is a talented woman. Also, maybe you’ve ever heard the love story between her and her teacher. It’s also a mysterious thing about her. But now she is a mother of a two year old baby. After she gave birth to her baby, she made a performance tour around the world again. So I went to her vocal concert in Beijing last November. It was the first time I saw her. So you can imagine how excited I was in the concert.

This is a passage writing about music. But it involves a lot of memories which I appreciate much. Please share me with your wonderful stories with music.

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