Rainbow Tutorial 3: Delegate and Undelegate

Why do we need to choose validators to delegate tokens?

Block Rewards

Commission Fee

Staking rewards

How to Choose Validators?

  • Tap on [Stake] — — go to [validators] to view all of the validators;
  • Check validators — — the order of validators can be ranked according to their Stakes, Commission to make the comparison much easier. More indications will be provided with the development of the network.
  • Select validators — — to choose appropriate validators, users can investigate the detailed information of the validators including their important on-chain announcement, and his/her actual performance, such as commission rate, recent activity, self-bonded tokend, self-introduction, etc. To investigate the online performance of validators, you can refer to the following factors: Uptime(the longer, the better), Commission Rate(the lower, the better),Self-Bonded(the higher, the better). Please refer to the website to view their detailed parameters: www.irisnet.org.


How to delegate?

How to undelegate or redelegate?




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