Rainbow Wallet released v3.6.0, bringing IBC cross-chain transfers into the Rainbow App. Now you can simply transfer IRIS and ATOM between IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub in your Rainbow App through the IBC protocol, which means Rainbow has supported 2 cross-chain protocols, including gateway and IBC.

In April this year, IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub has completed the 1st IBC transfers. Now, this new version of Rainbow provides a user-friendly UI of IBC cross-chain transfers so that end-users can simply conduct IBC token transfers between Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub through the Rainbow mobile app.

New Features

Rainbow Wallet v3.6.0 brings IBC…

StaFi and Coinswap have teamed up to make their networks and assets more fully compatible with each other. StaFi and Coinswap will work together to introduce the brand-new asset rATOM token, the staking derivative of ATOM, into Coinswap, and launch related co-incentive programs for the liquidity providers.

StaFi (short for Staking Finance) is an open-source and the first DeFi protocol for unlocking liquidity of the staked assets, allowing users to stake PoS (Proof of Stake) tokens through StaFi to get rTokens in return. Users can use rTokens for trading and, at the same time, earn staking rewards. …

2021.05 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap


Did you notice a few new regional communities were born recently?
Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese…..Our community are growing and becoming globalized!
Cannot find yours? Want to manage a new language community? Apply 👉
IRISgardians Ambassadors

Did you notice the DAO dApp, WeTeam, that received Tech-Grants from the IRIS Foundation, shared their closed beta data in this May recap?
Also a developer? Intend to build dApps? Apply 👉

Did you notice there are more than 27 Million IRIS in the Community pool?
YOU, are persons who can decide how to use these assets. …

Cosmos China Ecosystem Adoption

On May 27, IRISnet Research Director Jeffrey Hu participated in the Akash China Online Flashmob as the guest to illustrate the latest updates of Cosmos to the Chinese Community.

The following is the full recap of this event.

“When talking about Cosmos, the first impression is interchain, while the tech basis of the Cosmos interchain is the IBC protocol. In the Cosmos ecosystem, networks that have enabled IBC are normally known as “IBCgang”.

Surely we all know that a few networks have already enabled IBC, such as Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, Akash Network. In fact, there are more teams joined recently…

On May 28, the NFT badge redemption function of Rainbow Wallet has officially enabled. Bifrost Testnet winners can choose to redeem badges to IRIS rewards based on the Reward Coefficient.

Previously, Bifrost NFT Badges have been distributed to the IRIS Hub mainnet address of testnet winners in May. With the new upgraded Rainbow Wallet, Bifrost Testnet winners can view their obtained NFT Badges in the wallet.

Since 0:00, May 29 (UTC+8), the reward redemption of Bifrost NFT Badges began in Rainbow. Winners are allowed to redeem their NFT Badges to corresponding IRIS tokens. …

With cross-chain AMM as the core feature, Coinswap is dedicated to providing a vanguard innovation platform for DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem. Compared to other AMMs, Coinswap stands out with its ability to support multiple “coins” and protocols, and also be combined with functions like NFT and oracle.

Coinswap Web Application for the end-users has launched on April 15 and provided the DEX function based on the IRIS Hub AMM module. The 1st version offered many functions including Token Swap, Add/Remove Liquidity and Yield Farming.

At present, Coinswap is constantly iterating its underlying architecture, to update and include more…

Bifrost NFT Badges have been distributed to the IRIS Hub mainnet address of testnet winners in May. With the new upgraded Rainbow Wallet, Bifrost Testnet Winners can view obtained NFT Badges in the wallet.

From May 28, Rainbow Wallet will enable the NFT redemption function. Then, winners can redeem NFT Badges into IRIS rewards according to a certain Reward Coefficient. This reward redemption period will end on September 30, 2021. After that, the unredeemed NFT Badges can still be kept by winners as honor and souvenirs.

Download Rainbow Wallet: https://www.rainbow.one/

Bifrost Testnet Incentivized Tasks Summary

IRISnet’s Bifröst is a specialized testnet dedicated to Cosmos interchain…

On May 18, Rainbow Wallet released v3.5.0 and launched a new NFT Badge feature, which is the 1st NFT function live in Rainbow, supporting the display and reward redemption of NFT badges. NFT badges will be widely utilized in various IRISnet related activities, such as testnets and community events, to further enrich the IRISnet’s NFT ecosystem.

What’s the NFT Badge

Then, what is the NFT Badge? The badge represents the reward and remembering for certain honors or events, while NFT Badge is to mint badges as NFTs that can be stored on-chain. Relying on IRIS Hub, the NFT Badge can not only have the…

2021.04 — Community & Technical Recap


We’ve together jumped into the hyperspace in April.
Many chains entered into the Interchain era this April, injecting potentials to the whole Cosmos ecosystem; IRISnet, as a part of the ecosystem, is expecting
more interactions with the ever-expanding IBCgang.

Meanwhile, the IRISnet ecosystem itself has fired up the engine: applications and communities were growing at a gallop. Therefore, a new part is added to the monthly recap to include fruits born each month.

Community, don’t forget that you are decision-makers for the usage of assets in the Community pool (More than 14M IRIS Now), time to discuss your ideas…

The IRIS Foundation is delighted to announce the New One-Year Ecosystem Development Program, to put more resources to boost community autonomy and engagement, and accelerate ecosystem expansion through more flexible methods. In this new program, the Foundation will give additional support to applications in the DeFi and NFT ecosystem, encourage the community to autonomously manage Eco-Development Funds, and also continue the validator, developer and community grants programs.

The IRIS Foundation has announced a series of support programs, such as the Token Burn Plans and Tech-Grants Program in the past several years, which attracted wide attention and further increased community engagement…


IRISnet is the foundation for next-gen DApps. Built with Cosmos-SDK, IRIS Hub enables cross-chain interoperability while providing modules to support DeFi.

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