About you

The day we met I didn’t know what significance you would’ve had on me. You were just the boy from twitter with the silly dog memes. We went from talking hardly ever to talking all of the time. I didn’t know that you would mean the world to me. We talked for days from morning till the night, I would go to school so sleepy the next day because I was talking to you till 2 in the morning but I didn’t mind because talking to you was everything. I didn’t know how important you were going to be to me, we hung out and every single time I’d get butterflies in my tummy. Being around you made me nervous but in a good way. You were so delicate and soft spoken, you were so sweet and gentle. You reminded me everyday of how beautiful I was. You reminded me how special I was. You told that you’ve never met a girl like me before that I was someone to cherish. The day we shared our first “I love you” was so special, I thought you were joking and I even asked you “Do you really mean this?”. I remember from then we said I love you everyday and I meant it every single time. Sometimes I wished there were more words to say I love you because it didn’t feel like it was enough to explain the way I felt for you. I remember the countless phone calls how we’d say we were just going to talk really quick and those phone calls turned into hour long conversations. But I never regretted one. I would talk to my friends about you so often they’d tell me “Are you done yet?” because every word out of my mouth was about you. We were on top of the world. Then suddenly the long phone calls stopped. The hang outs happened less often. The “I love you” and the long text messages were rare. I asked what changed and you said “I don’t have time”. It baffled me how someone could go from being your everything to suddenly you just didn’t have time. Just like that we stopped talking all together. Now every cheesy breakup song reminds me of you. I see tweets and I hear songs and they all remind me of you. I want to send them to you but I know you wouldn’t respond. You’re off living your life being who you want to be but how could I be mad when I wanted that for you all this time?