starting my love story
abeni doula


I noticed you highlighted one of my responses. There is the old adage “ it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”. It’s partly true and not. My wife passed October 7, 2016 so I can relate. Life does get easier but the pain will still be there just not as intense. Yes I still cry but not every day. We knew the outcome but there were treatments that could extend her because of her age 20+ years. We could not find the right doctor. They were all idiots. I did the research and all they had to do was follow through. I was so angry and she was getting worse. I had to work from home because I was her caretaker the last 3 months. She suffered so much. God had to take her.

The road is slow but becomes bearable in time. I grieve for you because I understand. May peace come to you.

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