Twelve things Microsoft should know about Windows 10 (that Windows users won’t tell them)
Christian Cantrell

I am a JavaScript programmer and gamer. I have used both Mac and Windows. I use Mac for certain projects and Windows for gaming. I hate Win 8 and 10. I got a tool that allows me to retrofit so it works like 7. Microsoft constantly adds more “fluff” instead of real tools. Mac simplifies many things for me and my projects get done quickly. Having said that I have a single point I HATE iPhones. I tried to like them twice and eventually went to Android. To me the tools are cumbersome and lack complete autonomy with the iOS. I have used HTC, blackberry, etc. Android seems to be my flavor for now. I wish I did like iPhones because my family who use them love them. But I use every aspect of every tool and Dev tools to the max. So it’s not personal. That’s my take. Though I did enjoy your perspective. And no I don’t tell Microsoft what I think because I might get hate mail. Lol.

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