Friendship is a toxic waste of time
Kris Gage

I’m a little older but friendships were different. There was only texting but you had only so many you could do. Today people break up via text or Twitter? So the relationship was a fake sham with no value to begin with.

I was an Army brat so my family moved every 3–4 years. So friendships were short lived. I still don’t get the bff thing. It has value like saying I love your shoes.

Being a male oddly enough I prefer female friends. At least the conversation has variety and to an extent some depth.

I’ve been married a few times and didn’t get it right till the last one. Sadly she passed last year from Lupus. I kinda felt like a truck ran me over and backed up and over. I don’t talk to any one because they keep asking the same questions and after the third time I want to punch them. So I’m here..and I really like your writing Kris. There a few others I enjoy reading but I am partial to yours.

Oddly I can relate to many of your writings, stories, blogs or whatever they are here. I am more entertained here than a dozen of my so called friends and they don’t know I’m here so I don’t have to put up with their BS. I am a fan. And yeah I get long winded. Sorry.