The stages of falling asleep with you
Kris Gage

Interesting and provocative but that was way back when for me. When I finally found the right one things changed. She was first in everything, I never said no, we talked after an argument to relate our opinion and defer the best choice.

We had two positions because she was a side sleeper so I took the side to hold her or just hold hands. The holding was loose so she didn’t get hot. And the best part she was drop dead gorgeous.

Phones were never an issue though she did tell me to close my Facebook account. No biggie. I hardly used it after we got together. We both came out of a terrible divorce so we lived together for 3 years and 10 years of marriage.

Having said that I had a previous marriage..if you can call it that. Biggest mistake. Murphy’s law. She didn’t trust anything I did. So why marry me?

Bathroom…hers. She told me not to touch her in bed unless she wanted something. UGH!

WW3. What a verbal abusive narcissistic B##CH. Though I never spoke ill of her. Made her even angrier. Of course really BAD divorce.

Prior to my last love (she passed) wish I had your relationship visions and thoughts. Earlier life would have been better.

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