What a breakup feels like.
Tiffany Sun

Tiffany, you break my heart with this story. Sad to say I was one of those guys that was, as they call “sappy”. I was an emotional guy instead of the regular “guy”.

I was on the opposite end when the woman after 2 years said she was at a point she wanted more space and we should date others but we could still be good friends. Huh? Life was good. We clicked or so I thought. We had 2 arguments in 2 years. did I miss the signs? I was completely blown away. Stunned even. I supported her goals and gave her security in the relationship. I listened when she wanted to rant even though I didn’t quite understand.

Though there was one red flag when after one of her rants I spoke up and gave a tiny bit of my perspective. She asked me why I even said that. She didn’t want my opinion. She just wanted me to listen. I felt like the end of a microphone to just be the recording of her personal journal.

I am clueless today but she did me a favor.

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