It’s Really Okay to Just Enjoy Wonder Woman
Tracy Moore

Wonder Woman. If anyone criticizes it for mens rights or any other pathetic dogma they should be kicked out of the room and any discussion. It’s a movie about a super hero. I guess I grew up with Marvel and DC comics so it’s a no brainier. If they want to criticize the special effects or dialogue then fine.

Why any social club..including the male Muslims who pitched a fit like babies should be ashamed of even raising their voice or tweets or Facebook posts or any social media. It’s deplorable. Vocal activism has become a corrupt political candy bar they throw at people in hopes they bite.

I personally enjoy these movies and buy them all. Why didn’t they whine at Catwoman like this one? Yes I am an avid fan growing up with comic books. I have a vetted interest.

Or maybe they are choosing to outrage because it’s making so much money versus the other heroines or heros I guess to be politically correct. Another word that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Two thumbs up for Gadot. I hope she makes many more.

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