Foreigner don’t know what love is either?
Gary Sutherland

You know Gary I’m not sure what you mean by that. I have lived in 5 states…former military. Being in sports bars with my friends you hear some crazy stuff from men of all ages. Whats the word “posturing”? Dude a guy will say anything to sound cool or macho. It’s a natural competitive spirit. Assuming you played sports growing up…. And no guys don’t talk about their feelings period. Not with their guy friends other than “ yeah I love my wife”. I know I didn’t. If I did they would think I was weird. In a sports bar everything is on the table about teams and good looking cheerleaders and the ones in the sports bar. I don’t talk about the women but I was opinionated about the teams. Football, basketball..whatever. i had my favorites too. Its a guy thing. I just didn’t care for the tasteless way they talked about women like conquests OR the married men how they spoke in reference to a single very attractive woman. It’s not about looking. It’s about what they are thinking and saying.

And if you don’t know that then visit a dozen sports bars and listen to the comments when a group of guys are gathered together to watch a game there. Even before they called them sports bars there was always a TV with some game going on. 30 years worth of experience. Crap nearly every restaurant that has a bar today has at least a dozen flat screen TV’s with a different sport on it.

My wife would get mad if I stared at them too long when we would go out to eat. I loved and respected my wife so I would listen to her.

If you don’t get this then do some research. This isn’t fake news

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